I am the type of girl to get dressed up from head to toe just to go to the Starbucks drive-thru.

The thing that gives me the most confidence in life is putting on an outfit that I love.  Fashion is my escape and a way for me to express my creativity. 

I also believe that the specific ways I dress actually impact the way that I think and feel. When I dress more formally, I think more creatively, and I am more focused. When I am in trendy sweats, I think more in a flow-state and allow my mind to wander into creative and abstract directions.

Now that I am a month+ into work, I have noticed that my performance correlates with how I dress. If I decide to dress in the classic work-from-home look (aka business on top and pajamas on bottom), I feel half-dressed and my performance is half-assed.  When I dress like a BOSS from head to toe (including the shoes), I perform like a boss babe. I’m sure this has to do with many things, but there is definitely power when you dress for success. 

I’m aware that most people are happiest in comfortable clothes, and I too love myself some cozy, but even then, it’s with a twist. I might be overdressed half of the time, and nobody else might even see me, but I do it for myself. Putting myself together on the outside makes me feel confident on the inside and brings a smile to my face. And we all know “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” ツ

What makes you most confident? Leave a comment!⇩


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